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Are you looking for Real Estate lawyers in Spain? Do you know in which cases the services of a real estate expert can prove useful? If you have reached this page, you are probably interested in investing in real estate and need advice. You may need the help of a good portfolio manager to maximize the return on your investment, or you may want to protect a rental or sale legally.

In any of these cases, from the LexGo App, we can offer you the assistance of the best specialists. We collaborate with specialized lawyers in the Real Estate sector throughout Spain. Our colleagues have advised large national and foreign investors. You can ask for their advice by filling out our form.

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    How does our Real Estate specialist searching service work?

    LexGo App is a marketplace for lawyers, which means that we collaborate with a large number of lawyers specialized in different matters. Our goal is to find the best profile for each of the needs you may have.

    Not only do we provide the most up-to-date information in the sector, but also a contact form. Through this medium, you can get in touch with us so that we can call you and study your concerns and needs.

    Once we know your case, we will put you in contact with two Real Estate lawyers who will analyze your situation and give you the best legal advice possible. Before that, you will receive their quote completely free of charge. This way you can choose the specialist of your choice without conditions.

    In what aspects can a specialist in Real Estate law help you?

    Real Estate Law can be very complicated. Especially if we take into account that local or regional issues always come into play. That is why many foreign investors look for specialists from the area where the real estate is located.

    Even in the case of Spanish buyers or sellers, it is generally advised to find assistance from the right specialist in the sector. This way, they will achieve maximum tax savings, reduce the risks of the operation, and maximize their benefits.

    The role of the real estate lawyer before buying a property

    The sale of a property is a delicate operation. We can find that there are third-party ownership or charges on the building, which would put the process at risk. It may also be interesting to study the applicable taxes previously, just in case.

    In short, before buying a property in Spain, it is advisable to consult with specialists in the sector. They will be able to ensure that the estate is healthy and the operation is viable and profitable.

    The investigation before the sale must include a study of the building and its compliance with municipal regulations, as well as an appraisal and a study of its condition. Fortunately, specialists in Real Estate Law are usually grouped into multidisciplinary studies so that they can manage the entire due diligence process before the operation.

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    How a Real Estate Specialist Can Help You throughout the Buying Process

    Advisory is essential during the purchasing process. It is not only about achieving good tax savings but also about guaranteeing the success of the operation. For example, an earnest money contract will ensure that your counterpart does not back down at the last minute or that, if he does, he has to pay you compensation.

    We must also remember that different professionals intervene in the process of buying and selling real estate in Spain. Among them are public notaries, such as the Registrar. Lawyers specialized in this field know all the procedures to be carried out, so they will save you a lot of time and money.

    What to expect from your advisor after the purchase process

    When investing in the real estate sector, it is necessary to keep up to date with the Civil and Tax legislation of the place where the building is located. For example, you should know how leases work, how to evict a tenant whose contract has expired, how to claim unpaid rents…

    It is also essential to know how to manage a property portfolio most safely and efficiently possible. Most likely, you are interested in forming a patrimonial company, although there may be other legal figures more appropriate to your situation.

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