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Real Estate Lawyers in Costa Brava are one of the most in-demand legal profiles, which is reasonable, taking into account the profitability of this investment area and the advantages of counting on such specialists’ help when buying, managing or selling a home.

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    Why invest in Costa Brava?

    According to specialized media, Costa Brava is the third most profitable municipality in Spain with regards to investing in the real estate sector. In the last three years, foreign investment in real estate in this area has grown up to 66%.

    We should bear in mind that Costa Brava is a privileged area within the Spanish geography. It brings together an incredible cultural and natural heritage, along with high levels of tourism and a significant foreign investment.

    This is precisely why the Girona coastline is constantly revaluing, although it has not yet reached the levels before the crisis. And this is also why European capital has been attracted to it, making the investment in real estate more than profitable.

    Many French citizens invest in this coastal area, which stretches from its border (in Portbou) to Blanes. In its more than 200 km of extension, the Costa Brava brings together ecosystems as diverse as the Natural Parks of Cap de Creus, Els Aiguamolls, l’Empordà, or Montgrí.

    In short, Costa Brava is a unique place, where many foreign investors decide to retire or make investments with a high level of profitability.

    The Golden Visa and international investment in Costa Brava

    But real estate investment in Costa Brava not only attracts European capital. More and more non-EU citizens (mainly from China and Russia) invest in our coasts due to the Golden Visa.

    The Golden Visa is a residence permit acquired by investing half a million euros in real estate in Spain. A privileged route to get in our country and, by extension, to the European Union.

    How can a lawyer specialized in Real Estate Law in Costa Brava help you?

    The majority of foreign investors seek the help of lawyers specializing in Real Estate Law before arriving in Costa Brava. These professionals can perform most of the requirements on your behalf, in addition to doing a prior feasibility and opportunity analysis.

    Of course, they will be able to process issues such as residence permits and visas, as well as the aforementioned Golden Visa. Besides, they will strive to achieve the maximum return on their clients’ investments.

    Although one of the main reasons for hiring a Real Estate lawyer in Costa Brava is usually the language barrier, it highly recommended seeking specialized assistance.

    Keep in mind that lawyers established in the area know the local regulations, as well as the investment environment. So they can provide you with privileged information when it comes to finding the best property and formalizing your sale.

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    Also, real estate transactions carried out in this area are usually of great value, since the acquisition of luxury homes and the rental of vacation homes is the norm.

    As a result, your lawyer can help you find the best investment opportunities in Costa Brava, managing your real estate portfolio if you cannot or do not want to do it personally.

    In summary, hiring a lawyer specialized in the Real Estate sector is an added value to the transaction.

    Our specialists will assist you through the Due Diligence process and assist you in the negotiation and procedures needed. Besides, they will achieve the highest return on your investment, saving you time and money.

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    How to find the right specialist in Real Estate in Spain?

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